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Flower Essences: Olive

We are familiar with the many health benefits of olives.  Olive oil is a healthier fat option and has been used for herbal poultices and to help lower cholesterol; Olive leaf has been widely used to help lower blood pressure.  What we may be less familiar with is the benefit of the flower essence of Olive.  Unfortunately, the stress of Covid-19 may have left many of us in need of Olive.

Dr. Edward Bach stated the Olive personalities are: “Those who have suffered much mentally or physically and are so exhausted and weary that they feel they have no more strength to make any effort.  Daily life is hard work for them, without pleasure”.

I have been there.  You, too?

Maybe it has not been the stress from Covid but taking care of a family member with a serious illness.  Possibly it has been a position of mentoring or caring for others on an emotional or spiritual level. Whatever the event has been, it has left the feeling that the simplest of tasks are exhausting. 

  • Feeling completely sapped of energy
  • Peace and quiet are the greatest desire
  • No motivation to do anything, even activities once enjoyed

These are all indications for the need of Olive.

Along with physical rest and a proper diet, Olive can be beneficial to help restore energy that has been expended so deeply and move us from a state of exhaustion to one of inner renewal.  After a time of healing, we can then move in into a state of clearer positive thinking and better coping skills. 

We could all use, from time to time, help to rejuvenate.  We here at The Healthpatch would love to help you find the best essence for you.

Health and Blessings,

Kim Anderson