Kid’s Health

School’s out – summer’s here!!! What do our kids need to stay healthy? Well for starters, a well-balanced vitamin and mineral supplement is a necessity.  The purpose of every cell in our bodies is to produce energy.  But they must have a balance of proper nutrients as well as adequate water, exercise and rest to accomplish this task.  Since most of us don’t get regular, well-balanced meals, supplements help to meet this need.

Establishing Mental Alertness

Mental alertness is an imperative.  Establish a routine early.  Schedule adequate time for rest, exercise, and desired learning activities.  It takes planning and hard work to fit in everything and balance all the desires of a healthy, well-adjusted young person.

Supplements to Enhance Alertness

There are some wonderful nutrient supplements to help with mental alertness, too.  They can aid with focus and concentration and they are all natural.  This is especially important if your child has focus and attention challenges.  Talk to the folks in your local herb shop about specific supplements for your child’s special needs.

Supplements to Enhance the Immune System

Also consider adding an immune system booster to your child’s supplement regimen.  I’d recommend an elderberry supplement.  During the summer we mix our ailments with those of our friends and become susceptible to “who knows what!”

The Stress of Summer

Finally, remember that summer also brings on other challenges for the average kid: increased mental stress, increased muscle aches and pains for those involved in sports programs, and increased emotional anxiety.  Every student experiences these on different levels.  Watch your kid and listen to them.  If a supplement is in order to help them adjust, contact your health food store or herb shop.

This is a wonderful time of the year.  But it can be a time of added stress.  Be sure to put a positive twist on every adventure.

–  Randy Lee, ND, Owner, The Health Patch – Cultivating Naturopathic Care for Total Health, 1024 S. Douglas Blvd, Midwest City, OK 73130, phone/fax: 736-1030, e-mail: